In the world of energy solutions, "Behind the Meter Solar" describes how energy is directly delivered and used by consumers without relying on the larger power grid. This involves generating, consuming, storing, and managing energy on their own premises, utilizing resources like solar panels and storage batteries. This approach lessens dependence on traditional utility providers, enabling businesses to generate clean energy, reduce their carbon footprint, and achieve substantial energy cost savings.

The electricity produced on-site can be stored in batteries for later use. Storing surplus energy during low-demand periods helps consumers offset peak demand costs and improves overall grid stability. In regions with unreliable power grids, BREG storage systems serve as reliable backup power during outages.

Surplus on-site generated electricity can also be stored in alternative forms like hydrogen, eliminating the need for grid export capacity and allowing for extended energy storage of months if needed. When integrated into an energy management system, Behind the Meter solutions provide consumers with maximum control over their energy usage, leading to efficient consumption, cost savings, increased energy resilience, and the potential to contribute surplus energy back to the grid for commercial benefits.