Environmentally friendly installation of photovoltaic power plant and wind turbine farm situated by landfill

Across the U.S., there are thousands of abandoned contaminated sites or Superfund sites. BREG – in close partnership with PV Navigator – can help you repurpose these landfills. We remediate and transform these sites into renewable energy hubs, thus adding both sustainable and economic value.

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Benefits for environmentally impacted sites

Transforming environmentally impacted sites into expansive solar farms or wind turbines creates a sustainable environment and generates additional revenue.

Here’s why you should turn your landfills into solar power plants or wind farms, including energy storage systems: 

  • Have a positive impact on the environment and society
  • Realize a secure and profitable investment
  • Establish your renewable energy source
Milliken Landfill Solar Farm

Why partner with BREG? 

With over 25 years of experience, BREG has the expertise to implement renewable energy projects from inception to completion. Backed by our extensive network of partners and our core team of experts, we commit fully to making your project a successful reality.

  • Long-term growth
  • Reliable partnership
  • Full-service solutions

How will BREG, in partnership with PV Navigator, remediate my Superfund site? What are the necessary permits? What are the most suitable renewable energy systems for my environmentally impacted site? Can I integrate a solar farm with an energy storage system into my landfill? Don’t hesitate to reach out to our experts. We’ll gladly answer your questions and guide you towards the right renewable energy solution.

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Milliken Landfill Solar Panels

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BREG's hands-on experience and PV Navigator's specialized environmental expertise ensure that we have the necessary knowledge to complete any project. Discover how we’ve converted former landfills and brownfields into clean, renewable energy hubs.