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BREG was established in Leuven, Belgium 2020 by solar- and wind industry seniors, who combined have more than 30 years of experience in the sector, to develop renewable energy and utility scale projects in Europe through its HQ in Belgium.


As a solar PV, wind energy and battery storage developer with focus on large scale utility projects, BREG aims to accelerate the transition to a clean energy future in all these regions.  Our expertise in that area not only covers site sourcing, development – and project management of the installations, interconnection, permitting, construction and offtake analysis but also in obtaining the necessary financing. After the launch of the project BREG assures the correct operation and maintenance of the renewable energy projects (see our reference projects below).


Since its formation, BREG has heavily invested in developing a diversified portfolio of solar PV assets in the United States (see development pipeline below) – and continues to do so.  The obtained assets provide not only long-term sustainability gains for our clients in the agricultural and industrial/commercial sectors, but also profitable returns for our investors, for our community partners and for our industrial stakeholders.

While, BREG USA itself focusses on solar PV installations for private landowners, for agricultural locations and utility scale industrial surroundings,

BREG USA has on top of that partnered with PV-Navigator, an experienced player in PV-solar development on landfills & brownfield sites. The key focus for this partnership is to transform worthless grounds to worthwhile grounds by combining BREG’s general PV experience and PV Navigator’s environmental expertise. This allows the installment of a PV installation, taking into account all regulations in place on land -and brownfields.
See below how that works.

If you are a landowner or commercial/industrial player that is interested in renewable energy projects on your property, please contact us through the Partner tab. We have happy to provide more information.


Delivering renewable solutions to lead the transition to a sustainable energy future.

Our extensive capabilities, coupled with our broad access to capital markets, help us to quickly identify, execute and capitalize on the best opportunities available. Our professional team works with local land-owners, industries, communities, grid operators and energy- off takers to identify the ideal locations to develop utility-scale solar, wind and battery energy storage systems to help de-carbonize the electrical grid. 


Our highly experienced team of professionals that specialize in the development of renewable energy projects, with a particular emphasis on solar and wind projects with battery storage.  Our team’s track record of over 20 years success on project bankability, helps guarantee the quality of the project developments.


The BREG-team has over €5 bn worth of transactional experience in the renewable energy industry in wind and solar parks. Combined with our sponsor’s proven track record of success across several industries, ensures optimal financing solutions and superior results to our stakeholders and partners.


The BREG-management has overseen the successful construction of over 650 MW of Wind- and solar projects. We have an extensive network of global EPC contractors and component suppliers, which allows us to manage and construct high quality, highly reliable, renewable energy assets and deliver reliable renewable energy to our consumers.

Operation & Maintenance

We provide high-quality O&M service through a combination of technical expertise and a long-term O&M strategy. Our O&M strategy is focused on a long-term philosophy to prevent and solve operational issues and maintains system reliability and maximizes the value of the project for its owner’s and customers.


  • Ground Mounted
    • Fixed installation – Custom fixations on landfills – Possible with sun tracking
  • Rooftop
    • Residential buildings
    • Industrial areas
    • Governmental buildings
  • Floating PV-Panels
    • Saltwater & Freshwater
    • Dams
    • Lakes
    • Nearshore
  • Storage
    • Batteries or other systems


  • Onshore
    • Wind turbines on land
  • Near Shore
    • Wind turbines near the coast in shallow water

BREG Reference Projects

With over 20 years of experience, the BREG and partner management has developed a scope of appealing renewable energy projects. We always focus on developing and constructing renewable energy and storage projects that are economical interesting for our stakeholders taking into account our corporate social responsibility and sustainable entrepreneurship.

A Total of over 250 MW of wind energy projects and over 85MW solar energy projects. Here are some examples:

(More information & images will be added soon)

Bièvre, Belgium: 14 MW

Le Nitis, France: 23.5 MW

Estinnes, Belgium: 81MW

PVNavigator Reference Projects

A USA PV development pipeline of greater than 500MW. Most projects are planned for development on closed landfills or environmentally impacted land.

Somerdale Road Landfill, Gloucester Township, New Jersey: 3.2 MW

Milliken Landfill, Ontario, California: 3.1 MW

Development of PV installations on Closed Landfills

Development Pipeline

BREG USA are focused on developing a mature and renewable energy pipeline. We focus on large scale utility projects based on solar, wind and storage. We continuously evaluate new development opportunities, which represent the core of our future pipeline. Our main areas of focus at the time being are as follows: