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BREG is making significant investments in developing a diversified portfolio of solar photovoltaic (PV) assets in the United States. Our assets which are under development provide long-term sustainability benefits and attractive financial returns for landowners in the agricultural, industrial and commercial sectors. BREG USA has representation and offices in Boston, Houston and Los Angeles. This geographic coverage enables us to better serve our landowners and partners.
While BREG USA focuses on behind the meter projects and solar PV installations for private landowners, agricultural locations and utility-scale industrial surroundings, we have also partnered with PVNavigator LLC, an experienced player in solar PV development on landfills and brownfield sites. The primary focus of this partnership is to transform unusable land into valuable assets by combining BREG’s extensive PV experience with PV Navigator’s environmental expertise. This allows for the installation of PV systems that comply with all applicable land and brownfield regulations.
For further information on BREG and BREG USA, please visit our About, Services and Projects pages.
For further information on PVNavigator’s project experience, please visit their website.
If you are a landowner or commercial/industrial player who is interested in renewable energy projects on your property, please contact us through the Partner tab. We’ll be more than happy to provide you with further information.
Development of PV installations on Closed Landfills

Photovoltaic installations on closed landfills can be a great way to repurpose the land and generate clean energy. Closed landfills are often large areas of land that have been previously used to dispose of waste, but are now closed and no longer accepting waste.

By installing solar panels on top of the landfill, the land can be put to use again without interfering with the environment or the local community. In fact, many photovoltaic installations on closed landfills are designed to have a minimal impact on the surrounding environment.

USA Development Pipeline

We are dedicated to the development of a robust pipeline of renewable energy projects. We constantly assess new development opportunities, which are crucial to the growth of our future pipeline. Currently, our primary areas of focus include: