Currently a development team anchored by BREG BV is developing the project, an approx. 1,600 acres of land located in West Texas. 

The site location is favourably located for its facinity to existing electrical substation and transmission infrastructure. Preliminary site assessment calculations performed by BREG indicate that the site has potential for a 251 MW solar PV project. Interconnection studies with ERCOT (Texas grid operator) are in their final stage, signing of the interconnection agreement is ongoing. All environmental studies have been performed with a positive outcome. Construction will start in the beginning of 2025.

The project will support the "Green" transition quality by developing and connecting 251 MW of new renewable capacity to the grid, leading to CO2 emissions savings of approximatively 272,000 tons per year. The transition impact of the Project will also tune the ambition of the region to enlarge its sustainability and to support the production of electricity using solar power, which will assist the state and the regions low-carbon transition.  In addition, the project will strengthen the private sector's role in the renewable energy sector in Texas, relying on combination of financial power purchase agreement and merchant exposure, supported by the solar Investment Tax Credits.

CO2 Emissions Savings