"A clear plan establishes the new electricity production plant."

After the initial development and financing phase, it is time to construct your green power facility according to an optimized design. Each green energy solution follows its own path to the Commercial Operations Date (COD), with wind projects requiring more construction time than solar or storage projects.

In collaboration with certified contractors, BREG and its EPC-partners initiate on-site construction. For solar projects, thousands of solar panels, inverters, transformers, and other technologies are meticulously installed. In the case of wind projects, various turbine components are transported and assembled on-site. Simultaneously, we address environmental and safety requirements, installing fences, signs, and other safeguards.

Once everything is ready and after a technical security check, it is time to connect the energy plant to the local power grid, community solar, or directly to an off taker, such as a factory.


Our renewable energy projects

From utility-scale solar farms to expansive battery storage systems, BREG excels in the development of large-scale renewable energy projects. In collaboration with our partner, PV Navigator, we bring specialized expertise to the niche market of brownfields and landfills.