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Solar power needs storage

By 27 May 2020February 22nd, 2021No Comments

In Leuven (Belgium) the first Belgian district battery is installed. Residents store their excess of green energy at peak times to avoid overloading the grid.

Ref: De Tijd 25/5

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Residents regularly had broken coffee machines or burnt circuit boards in washing machines. Why? The electricity grid could not handle the influx of electric cars and solar panels. If the voltage in the grid deviates too much at peak times, electrical appliances are broken. On the solar panels, a safety device de-activates the power production.

The district battery should avoid those voltage deviations. During the day, during high solar production, the battery will store that power for use later. The battery is installed in a medium voltage box and can store up to 90 kWh, the equivalent of a Tesla car battery.

Why is this happening? Electricity grids are often outdated. The household electricity distribution is often 50 years old. It was never intended for private power production. A district battery could be a cost efficient solution. Wait and see what the result is of this first project.