Take a look at which types of projects we participate.

Wind Power is one of the fastest-growing renewable energy technologies. With the newest technology the range of possible sites is getting much bigger. All stakeholders in Wind Power technology predict a massive growth of the installed capacity. BREG is specialized in on-shore and near shore wind turbines with a proven expertise of 15 years.

Solar Power, on shore or floating, is unstoppable the next decade. It’s a relative low-cost and versatile clean power source that can be utilized for consumer, industry and overall electricity production. At certain
regions, it’s the ideal solution to develop the best possible business case.

Waste to Energy – Waste Management, BREG is based in Belgium, the overall champion of recycling and waste management. The huge amounts of waste, the decreasing amount of dumping sites, the increasing landfill and electricity costs, the increasing transport costs and the increasing air pollution has led governments to change laws, towards waste management. BREG provides the whole range of waste solutions including ‘Waste-To-Energy’ plants. 
Our WTE-plants use advanced technology solutions to maximise the energy out of the waste and to minimise the environmental impact, preserving the land we live on and the air we breathe. BREG ‘Waste-To-Energy’ installation uses ideally all kind of household waste, municipal and industrial non-hazardous waste (with various waste compositions and calorific values) and biomass. The installations are perfectly suited for small to high capacities, ranging from 3 up to 50 ton/hours. For hazardous waste and medical waste there are custom made solutions. Output: Electricity and/or Heat.