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Solar power needs storage

In Leuven (Belgium) the first Belgian district battery is installed. Residents store their excess of green energy at peak times to avoid overloading the grid.

Ref: De Tijd 25/5

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Residents regularly had broken coffee machines or burnt circuit boards in washing machines. Why? The electricity grid could not handle the influx of electric cars and solar panels. If the voltage in the grid deviates too much at peak times, electrical appliances are broken. On the solar panels, a safety device de-activates the power production.

The district battery should avoid those voltage deviations. During the day, during high solar production, the battery will store that power for use later. The battery is installed in a medium voltage box and can store up to 90 kWh, the equivalent of a Tesla car battery.

Why is this happening? Electricity grids are often outdated. The household electricity distribution is often 50 years old. It was never intended for private power production. A district battery could be a cost efficient solution. Wait and see what the result is of this first project.

Welcome to our ‘De Hoorn’ office!

BREG has moved to the brand new office De Hoorn in Leuven-Belgium.
“It’s an honour to be in that historic building. De Hoorn is one of the old brewery towers in Leuven. Since the end of the 18th century, famous Stella Artois was brewed in this building in copper boilers. Nowadays it’s a hotspot for creative and sustainable startups. And they accepted us as tenants.”
Johan Vos – CEO
We’re happy!
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Working @De Hoorn

15/2/2020 BREG visited Dubai and Bahrein to explore and guide the Renewable Energy Future in the region.

Chairman Farzam Kamalabadi and CEO Johan Vos had inspiring discussions with the authorities and business partners concerning REN development. 

Thomas Vos (legal) and Akerke Makhanova (project manager Central-Asia) joined the discussions.

It could be a REN-revolution.

What if solar cells worked at night?

According to Jeremy Munday, professor in the Department of Electrical and Computer Engineering at UC Davis,

a specially designed photovoltaic cell could generate up to 50 watts of power per square meter under ideal conditions at night.

It’s about a quarter of what a conventional solar panel can generate in daytime.

Munday is developing prototypes of these “night-solar” systems. The researchers hope to improve the power output and efficiency.

The principle:

The process is similar to the way a normal solar cell works, but in reverse. An object that is hot compared to its surroundings will radiate heat as infrared light. 

A conventional solar cell is cool compared to the sun, so it absorbs light.

Space is really cold, so if you have a warm object and point it at the sky, it will radiate heat toward it.  


14/1/2020: BREG members visited the Waste To Energy (WTE) Plant INDAVER at the port of Antwerp.

Amazing how the company collects yearly 4,9 million tons of waste and process it to electricity for 260.000 people. 

The WTE-plant also produces heat for a local heat network. Great having one of builders of the WTE-plant as a BREG-member.

Thank you Mr. Wim Ooms for meeting us and for the interesting visit of the plant.

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14/1/2020: BREG was invited to attend the celebration of the 28th anniversary of the armed forces from Uzbekistan.

“It was an honor to be invited by Ambassador Mr. Dilyor Khakimov. We had the opportunity to have an interesting conversation about Renewable Energy with Mr. Ambassador. And it was the ideal moment to present our Central Asia Project Manager Akerke Makhanova “, says Johan Vos, CEO BREG.

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9/1/2020: BREG members visited the Embassy of Kazakhstan to discuss Renewable Energy.

BREG members had a very inspiring meeting with Mrs. Aigul Kuspan, Ambassador of the Republic of Kazakhstan. “As a company, we explained what our goals are for a sustainable and green energy future. We believe that Kazakhstan has a large potential for REN. At the meeting we introduced our brand new Central Asia Project Manager Akerke Makhanova”, says Johan Vos, CEO BREG.

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