Sustainable green energy projects in line with your needs.

Full Value Chain

The early setup of a project to a full operational project during 20 – 30 years. The BREG development team incorporates all different skills to realize your project. Our team members are specialized in: “site acquisition, communication, engineering, legal & financial advice, research, construction, operations and maintenance“.


BREG always works in two stages:

1. Development

The project development team and the partners order specialized studies from external companies. For all this, the business case is established, the budget is calculated in order to get the necessary funds raised from shareholders or bank loans.

2. Project Financing

After receiving all the necessary (building) permits, each project needs a dedicated project budget and financing. It means a solid business plan for banking institutions to finance the project with loans or debt financing. Financial institutions will only accept projects when there is a good balance between own financial resources -equity- and sub debt. BREG members realized projects in the past based on established relationships with financial institutions, investors and shareholders.