Our History

BREG started operations in 2019 as an independent company.

Before, the senior management obtained over 15 years of management experience in REN-projects and companies in Europe and North-Africa.


BREG partners pioneered in wind, solar and WTE-projects in Belgium and France as owner and senior management partner and as responsible project-engineers.

From 2000 to 2019, senior management was active in Windvision BV as shareholder and management team.

2020 - 2030

Development, building, financing and operation/maintenance of BREG-projects.

November 2020

BREG joins forces with PV Navigator LLC (USA) for complete solar solutions on landfills and Brownfield sites.

September 2020

Development Bahrain Rooftop Solar Project (5 Industrial Sites).

July 2020

Development Bahrain Rooftop Solar Project (Residential).

June 2020

Development Pipeline Projects Bosnia-Herzegovina & Vietnam.

May 2020

Recruitment of experienced solar & wind engineers.
Recruitment of construction & civil works engineers.

September 2019

BREG start-up and development pipeline.
BREG joins forces with Greenenergies (The Netherlands – WTE Technology) and Future Trends (USA – Financing).