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The planet’s future is in our hands.

BREG - PVN is a renewable energy project developer, builder and operator with worldwide projects in wind and solar.

By partnerships, a wide range of investors, financial services and engineering partners, BREG - PVN has action power.

In collaboration with local partners, BREG -PVN performs the necessary technical site assessment for solar sites and wind sites. The company can provide financial resources needed to develop and maintain the project A to Z.

BREG Reference Projects

Estinnes – Belgium: 81MW

Le Nitis – Annelles – France: 23.5MW

Total: +250MW Wind, +85MW Solar

PVN Reference Projects

Milliken Landfill – Canada: 3.5MW

Somerdale – USA: 3MW

Total: +100MW Solar (Development and consulting Brownfield/Landfill)

Our Approach

We reach out to local communities and partners, delivering complete renewable energy solutions and creating sustainable value.

BREG – PVN assures landowners and off takers the best of knowhow and technology.

The BREG-management team had a successful career of 30 years in Renewable Energy Company’s.

PVN-management has a +20y experience in brownfield – landfill solar production niche.

Our highly professional team from all over the world, operates in close contact with our experienced management. They are ambitious and motivated to change the world with green and sustainable solutions for energy.

Multi-Technology Expertise

Multidisciplinary Teams

A  proven track record, short development cycles and a highly motivated diverse team is our success factor.


  • Onshore
    • Wind turbines on land
  • Near Shore
    • Wind turbines near the coast in shallow water


  • Ground Mounted
    • Fixed installation – Custom fixations on landfills – Possible with sun tracking
  • Rooftop
    • Residential buildings
    • Industrial areas
    • Governmental buildings
  • Floating PV-Panels
    • Saltwater & Freshwater
    • Dams
    • Lakes
    • Nearshore
  • Storage
    • Batteries or other systems

Development of PV installations on Closed Landfills