BREG USA is accelerating the USA’s energy landscape to a climate-neutral and sustainable one.

We are developing, building, and operating onshore wind and solar electricity assets in cooperation with local businesses and communities.

BREG USA President

Ramin Abrishamian

BREG USA is led by Ramin Abrishamian as company President.

Ramin has over 30 years of experience managing commercialisation of new technologies in the energy and environmental sector. He was the founder of Envapower, Inc., (now Wood Mackenzie) a market intelligence provider to the wholesale electricity markets. With our US partner, PV Navigator LLC, we are able to act at each level of building tailor-made projects.

Johan Vos
BREG USA Chairman

Johan Vos

Johan Vos is the CEO of BREG BV and the Chairman of BREG USA.

Johan has extensive experience in developing, building, financing, operating and sale of renewable wind and solar energy. Johan has been responsible for building a portfolio of 800 MW of wind and 1,000 MW of solar power in Europe and the USA, including building and operating 100 wind turbines in Belgium, Spain, and France.

Thomas Vos
Regional Manager USA

Thomas Vos

As the Regional Manager for North America, Thomas actively supports business development and energy development projects for BREG in the USA.