Johan Vos

Johan Vos

Johan Vos is co-founder of Windvision bv. In 2019, Johan decided to start a new firm, BREG bv, to develop, build and operate REN-Projects outside of Belgium.

Johan has a Law Degree and an Insurance And Economics Degree. As an expert wind energy, he steers the business teams.

Johan is also member of Rotary Club International.

Farzam Kamalabadi

Farzam Kamalabadi

Farzam Kamalabadi is responsible for Capital raising and financing.

As Chairman of Future Trends Group, Farzam has a big financial network.

As an expert, he oversees all investment opportunities.

Thomas Vos
Regional Manager USA

Thomas Vos

Thomas Vos is responsible for all legal and HR services.

Thomas is also Project Manager Europe, USA & Middle East.

Peter Denruyter
Communications & Marketing

Peter Denruyter

Peter Denruyter is responsible for all marketing and communication of BREG.

Peter has 25 years of experience in international News and Communication at national television & radio. Both linear and online.

Business Development Manager

Houda Hadi

Houda Hadi joined BREG in January 2021. She has 9 years experience on Renewable Energy project development, especially on wind in North Africa.

Houda is managing business development of the Group, project development in Africa and assisting the team on development in the other continents.


Wim De Maeseneer

Matthias Vos
ICT Manager

Matthias Vos

As an ICT Manager, Matthias Vos ensures the proper functioning of all BREG ICT applications.

Matthias is responsible for the implementation of necessary digital solutions.

Abhilash Palakkil
Manager Site Assessment Solar & Wind

Abhilash Palakkil

Abhilash Palakkil is one of the BREG specialists on solar and wind technology.

Abhilash makes the calculations and designs for all accepted projects.

Abhilash has gained experience in several solar projects in India and with the manufacturers.

Nibret Tenaw
Water Technology Engineer

Nibret Tenaw

Nibret Tenaw is a young university graduate specialized in water technology.

Nibret is designing a new water purifying system and is responsible for floating solar design and calculations.

Akerke Makhanova
Administrative Operations

Akerke Makhanova

Akerke Makhanova actively contributes to the business development in the Central Asia region.

Akerke is the point of contact for business opportunities and follow-up in the region.

Nazerke Makhanova
Program Manager

Nazerke Makhanova

Nazerke Makhanova is the BREG program manager and responsible for Microsoft Project.
Alexander Vos
Project Manager Bosnia & Drinkable Water

Alexander Vos

Alexander Vos is responsible for civil works and 3D-design of technical solutions.

Alexander cooperates with all specialists of solar, wind and water technology.

Project & Site Assessment Engineer

Louis Jamaer

Louis Jamaer joined BREG in 2021 as a Project Engineer.
He manages the technical and engineering parts of projects in collaboration with the other members of the BREG-team.
Solar & Electromechanical Engineer

Kamal Marhoum

Kamal Marhoum is a solar and electromechanical engineer. In BREG Kamal is responsible for design, analyze, launch needed studies, launch consultations with subcontractors, RfQ (Request for Quotation), follow-up of construction, preparation O&M-program and follow up of O&M.
Project Manager Azerbaijan & MENA

Hamza Sellak

Hamza SELLAK joined BREG in January 2022. he has 2 years experience in the food indystry and over 9 years experience on the automotive industry, espacially in the quality and aftersales in Middle East and Africa region.

Hamza is Project Manager for Azerbaijan and MENA region.