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Our Approach

Are you looking for a full service or do we get involved in a project together?

We provide complete lifecycle REN-projects.

An innovative full service system entirely according to your wishes and needs. This service is based on experience and action power to create maximum value and have a real positive impact on future green energy supply, environment and local communities.


Site Assessment






Contracting & Construction


Operations & Maintenance


Ownership & Governance

Our Approach

Key Determinants For A REN-Project Viability

Every BREG project must meet several basic conditions before it is accepted.

In-depth feasibility analysis is performed per business case and per project.
Proven business models for REN-projects in Belgium and Europe are combined with local expertise and knowhow to achieve tailormade solutions.

A BREG economically viable project meets among other things:
  • Political stability and policy regarding renewable energy transitions
  • Macro-economic situation – Energy mix, energy market and outlook
  • Site assessment and conceptual design
  • Grid connection and off taker aspects
  • Legal and regulatory framework (permits, government, support, contracting)
  • Bankability and access to debt and equity funding
  • Operations and maintenance

Multi-Technology Expertise

Multidisciplinary Teams

BREG has framework agreements in place with international technical partners, advisors and investors in order to create the essential capacity, action power and provide a wide range of experience and competent resources.


  • Onshore
  • Near Shore


  • Ground Mounted
  • Rooftop (Industrial & Residential)
  • Floating

BREG & Local Communities

Our Dedication & Commitment

Maximize the energy transformation towards green energy.
Commitment to off takers being a reliable REN-producer.
Commitment to the off takers and the local community through corporate and social responsibility projects.

Country & Community

Solicit public authority support for renewable energy.
Accommodate the energy needs of local communities.
Raise public awareness and acceptance of renewable energy.

Site & Resources

Quality and quantity of renewable energy sources.
Rigorous site selection and assessment.
Broad network of technical experts, advisors and investors.