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BREG is a global developer, builder and operator of wind and photovoltaic (PV) solar energy solutions ranging in size from community installations to utility-scale projects. It is headquartered in Belgium with offices in the United States of America.

Mission & Vision

At BREG, our goal is to lead the transition to a sustainable energy future and create economic value.

Our vision is to create a world where communities have access to affordable, reliable, and sustainable energy, while also promoting social and environmental benefits. We aim to make a significant impact on the reduction of carbon emissionsand the empowerment of local communities.
We believe that energy communities are a key aspect of achieving our vision. By working with local landowners, industries, communities, investors, grid operators, and energy off-takers, we strive to create collaborative partnerships that empower communities to take control of their energy future. Through energy communities, we aim to promote social equity, foster local economic development, and provide access to clean energy for all.
Our ability to deliver successful renewable energy projects is rooted in our solid relationships with an extensive network of partners, including investors, financial services, and engineering experts. These partnerships provide us with access to the latest industry insights and resources that enable us to make informed decisions and take decisive action. By working closely with our partners, we are able to provide our clients with customized solutions tailored to their specific needs, ensuring that we achieve their renewable energy goals efficiently and effectively.


2002 – 2018
  • Total of over 200 MW of renewable energy projects
  • 29 Wind Parks
  • 4 Solar Parks
  • Development Pipeline of +500MW

Windvision was sold to BlackRock.

Belgian Renewable Energy Group (BREG) was formed by the former shareholders and executives of Windvision.
2020 – Now

BREG is developing a pipeline of over 300 MW of renewable energy projects.


Our leadership team is comprised of experienced professionals who bring a wealth of knowledge and expertise to our organization. They are responsible for guiding our strategic vision and ensuring that we continue to lead the way in sustainable energy. Click on each leader’s profile to learn more about their role in our organization and their background.


Johan Vos

Johan is co-founder of Windvision (2002), founder of BREG (2020) and aquaBREG (2021).

With over 20 years of experience in the field, Johan is a seasoned professional with a deep understanding of the renewable energy sector. He has a proven track record of successfully developing and delivering renewable energy projects, and has been at the forefront of the industry's evolution towards a more sustainable future.

Johan is also member of Rotary Club International.


Wim De Maeseneer

With over 20 years of experience in strategic financial management, Wim was director at INBEV, auditor at KPMG and CFO at International Cycling Parts Group.
Vice President Americas

Thomas Vos

Thomas is the Vice President and Project Manager for the USA projects. His knowledge of project management methodologies and tools, combined with his strong leadership skills, allows him to effectively coordinate all aspects of a project.

With his Law Degree and experience in Human Resources, Thomas has an professional understanding of the legal and personnel aspects of the industry.

Senior Legal Counsel

Christophe Van der Haert

As Senior Legal Counsel for BREG, Christophe brings a wealth of legal expertise and experience to our team and is responsible for managing all legal matters for the company, including contracts, compliance, and regulatory issues.
Program Manager

Arianne Mertens

As a program manager, Arianne is responsible for overseeing and managing multiple projects and ensuring that they are delivered on time, within budget, and to the satisfaction of all stakeholders. Arianne's expertise includes program planning, risk management, stakeholder engagement, and continuous improvement.
Business Development Manager

Houda Hadi

Houda has over 10 years of experience on renewable energy project development, especially on wind energy in North Africa.
Houda is managing the business development of the company, project development in Africa and assisting the team on development in the other continents.
Marketing, Communication & Press Relations

Peter Denruyter

Peter has over 25 years of experience in international news and communication at a national level of television & radio, both linear and online.
Peter is responsible for developing and executing our communication strategy, managing our brand and reputation, and ensuring that our messaging is consistent, clear, and effective.
President BREG USA Holdings

Ramin Abrishamian

Ramin is the President of BREG USA Holdings, Inc. Before joining BREG Ramin was the Founder and CEO of EnvaPower, Inc., an analytics and data company providing short-term market intelligence to electricity generators, large purchasers and traders. EnvaPower is now a part of Genscape and Wood MacKenzie.
Ramin is an MIT trained Chemical Engineer with extensive experience successfully developing new technology-based businesses.
Director of Operations Americas

Patrick Breckon

Patrick, as Director of Operations of the Americas, is responsible for the project management of the REN projects in the USA. His technical and engineering experience, in combination with his leadership and business skills, allow him to establish himself as a diligent operations expert.


Our team of experts is dedicated to developing, financing, constructing, operating and maintaining wind and solar energy projects. We are a diverse group of professionals with a wide range of skills and experience, united by our commitment to sustainable energy. Click on each team member’s profile to learn more about their role in our organization and their background.

ICT Manager

Matthias Vos

Matthias maintains and develops the ICT landscape by researching and implementing technological (strategic) solutions to fulfill the organization’s information systems requirements.
With a deep understanding of the latest digital trends and a keen eye for detail, Matthias develops and executes innovative digital strategies that drive onlinegrowth & engagement.
Site Assessment Engineer

Louis Jamaer

As a Site Assessment Engineer, Louis brings extensive knowledge and experience in evaluating and selecting the ideal locations for renewable energy projects.
Financial Business Analyst

Peter De Roo

Leveraging a broad range of financial expertise from within different financial service companies (impact investment company, export credit insurer and financial audit), Peter is the right-hand to the CFO and focuses on renewable energy project finance, financial support aswell as general financial management of the entities within BREG.